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Connecting Arts, Religion, Sciences - Alternative Philosophy of Development

A modern Middle Way in Institutions and Private Life (in English and German)

ARS UNA is a cloud

Not linear blogs, but networks determine our orientation

A cloud,– does it be an ordered storage space for rationally sortable computer topics or a chaotic natural structure above our heads and sometimes even around us as a dense fog, in which condensation occurs and from which such contents may get more or less violently discharged in various forms,- as a gentle rain or torrential, or as loose snow or destructive hail? Or is a cloud even a structure of smoke and soot, mainly caused by fire?  

In essence, it raises the question of the connection between life and nature and the intervening realm of what we call culture.

The themes of ARS-UNA are widely spread, which means that they can directly concern the realm of our lives, or even the parts of nature beyond our control, or, in obviously increasing extent the still vaguely defined area of culture lying in between. However, the reference takes place with changing weight after a period of emphasized rationality, now again more strongly to our entire body, not just the head, but rather in a possibly similar degree to all other parts of our entire body. In the past centuries, mostly body and mind were placed opposite each other, which as a little perceived side effect brought a strong distancing of the humans from the animals. Arguably this was unconsciously intended, but is getting to be more and more questionable.

If we perceive our body as a clearly articulated structure and give each of these parts an approximately equal weight, then there is a marked change in attributed weighting, which in each part may be directed either inwards or outwards. The rationality, which is primarily located in the head, links mental cognition and decision-making. Feelings and fitness interact directly in the energy center of our upper body. In the archaic abdomen the abilities for prevailing and maintenance in sex and power are polarizing. The extremities, meaning feet and arms, deal with movement and activities.

It is thus, to put it in rather not too modest way, about anything and everything, although personal shortcomings can not be hidden, such as in the case of the author's lack of attention and little enjoyment of games. Everything in any case means in principle both the universe and the inner world.

The universe, the world, or nature, or whatever it is called, are certainly not suited to be pressed into a linear or one-dimensional shape. Good literature always tries to create a multi-dimensional impression by cutting a text into pieces, transforming it and reassembling it in a so-called artistic way. At best, deconstructivism arises, but not a multi-dimensional product, which is why the "own" younger generation prefers multimedia that increasingly uses 3D. The young people are transitioning from one-dimensional or linear blogs to vlogs, which means 2D or 3D video blogs. which need a lot of time as an additional third or fourth dimension. Time is the # 1 international currency, not bitcoins.

But the initially difficult to grasp fourth dimension should be clearly expressed and voiced. Both our four-part body and generally modern nature description require these four dimensions. In the humanities a corresponding reference to exactly four basically equivalent categories seems to be possible. This whole situation is now taken as an opportunity to use a cloud like ARS-UNA to mean a logically and holistically comprehensible cultural entity in four dimensions and able to show step by step better and better, which should be able to convey a vague reflection of our own structure. This illustration should therefore represent not only rational domains, but also other issues.

Our conception of the idiosyncrasy of culture could be made more concise by the way. Culture can also be defined as presentation of transformation (Thomas Düllo). Development, struggle and destruction can be grasped by it, thus basic processes in the intrinsically inconceivable time.

People hitherto do not spend a lot of time with ARS-UNA, nor do they spend significant bits of bitcoins on those not adjusted books that are offered for any kind of digestion. They are too long, too complicated, too indecent, too stupid, too unproven, too authoritative, too strange, but mostly too linear, which is why they are usually commented on with "unliked".

Therefore, a network is to be set up with ARS-UNA. This does not be located yet between Berlin, Lyon, San Francisco, Bangkok, Barcelona, Bologna, Moscow and Shitbach, but between dimensions and categories, and can be called a cloud with the same authority as computer types, meteorologists or firefighters use the word.

This cloud, higher-dimensional than a blog or vlog, both extroverted and introverted at the same time, forms a reflected world like the Platonic shadows. It is not confined to rationality or beliefs, and thus goes beyond what usually is associated to the four main body parts and is called philosophy, meditation, pornography, or professional work respectively. How did Homer call his cloud?

Something comes about or develops, then follow addition or growth, then multiplication or proliferation, and finally, singularities or destruction. This includes the transition from static to dynamic and means life. Incidentally, mathematics and artificial life are closely related.

Life consequently, is a land between static and dynamic parts of nature. The cloud could be understood as a kind of transforming matrix or in higher dimensions as a tensor or even as a spinor. If you do not know what that means, you can just imagine culture.

And which way does culture advance? Let's just call it the Middle Way and go ahead,- soon!

But please note: clouds can be created by evaporation or by fire, and they can disappear after rain or dryness, either continuously or in a singularity often called catastrophe. This means an eternal cycle as in the Asian sense. In such a dynamic world, there is neither news nor fake news about a creator. Fixed religions mainly serve for identification. Decreasing fixation, on the other hand, means increasing secularization. The current new phase can be called Neo-secularization. Or do we prefer to believe in money or gold? The latter is produced in enormous quantities in kilonovas.

© Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2018

Updated June 18, 2020