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Connecting Arts, Religion, Sciences - Alternative Philosophy of Development

A modern Middle Way in Institutions and Private Life (in English and German)

Birth control instead of killing

Germany and US differ very much

Google on Dec.19, 2017 provides for the above demand, well understood in good English language, in original order the following ten addresses (URL) on the first page: 

1 If people mean the pill is killing women, does this be the same like a murder? Such persons for sure should mind their own words. What is killing? Try to define it!

2 Next they maintain unspecified birth control is killing children. The same as above should apply.

3 In this statement the object of alleged killing is not mentioned. Just general fear is spread.

4 Then the desire is the aim of the alleged awful killing power.

5 The next step is to make fear the killing of men instead of women or children or whatsoever else.

6 Now the victim is getting to be an abstract idea by being the relationship.

7 It may be simpler to blame just a murderer without having a victim at all.

8 Of course, to kill just the designation of a spectre would almost be a fantastic idea avoiding any kind of genuine victim.

9 But you might not have thought about the possibility to kill the reporting of relevant studies.

10 Finally our own endeavor is brutally killed.

By the way, don‘t think this will be the end of the seemingly never ending story which goes on offering countless further Google pages. Keep in mind that this issue ought to be one of the most urgent ones on our beloved Earth nowadays. People is talking either not at all or in awful way round the subject. Therefore, what the hell is really killing? The answer is simple. It is the hell, also being called arms directed by men. But does anything of the above mentioned topics actually be that kind of inferno?

The issue is indeed tough, because we don‘t believe in the hell anymore. It all became relative meaning or simpler said an issue of balancing, weighting, finding the proposed modern Middle Way which is much less fixed than the fundamental proposals of religious beliefs. Thus what to do?

If people is not able to give a unique answer, then ask a raven. Caution,- not the Raven is meant, an imperatve important being endowed with authority and majesty and still much more such ideosyncracy like e.g. a majuscule as initial letter. At this point such a raven is clearly an average animal at the first glance, but which cannot be denied of having particular properties like every other living being on this world too. Ravens are seeing well and looking well, are deciding quickly and hiding quickly,- oh they have altogether eight excellent properties corresponding to those of the Eightfold Way of that modern Middle Way which should be so normal that it will not be necessary anymore to write it with such damned majuscules either.

The corresponding world looks very different when asking in German language.

© Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2017

Dec. 20, 2017