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Connecting Arts, Religion, Sciences - Alternative Philosophy of Development

A modern Middle Way in Institutions and Private Life (in English and German)

New on the website ARS-UNA

about a modern Middle Way and alternative philosophy of development.

The practical importance of the "Middle Way modern" and, together with the concepts of synthetic philosophy and dynamic interaction may have very practical applications e.g. to conflict resolution and design thinking.

Mar 24         "The 4D game between life and nature - Generalized sexuality"

Feb 02         "Overcoming Binary Options - Nomads help institutions?"

jan 19, 21    "Philosophy of Development (update)"

Oct. 21        "Intelligent games - Significant dimensions and singularity"

Aug 24         "Raven morality"

Aug 22         "World and life"

Aug.14         "Development and recursion"

Aug.02         "Generalized sexuality in natural cycles"

June 21        "Fringe areas" (Update)

Apr 10          "Philosophy of life"

Mar 23         "Ten little wars they once went to battle"

Mar 10          "Germany 2020 under a coalition with limited capacity to act"

Febr. 26        "Creative philosophy - Tolerance instead of separation"

Febr. 20        "Life can be more - Is creative philosophy able to lead us?"

Febr. 05        "Curling around - Our 4D world as circular recursion"

Jan. 08, 20   "Circular sequence of paradigma changes"

Dec. 17        "Get borders porous!"

Oct. 25         "4D-philosopy - here and now with new chance"

Sept. 10       "Synthetical metaphilosophy"

Aug 19         "DIA Dynamic Interaction"

June 28        "The individual and the society as mirror images"

June 10        "Where is a middle way important?"

May 10         "Imaginary and real"

Febr. 16        "Psychic deviation or neurodiversity?"

Febr. 02        "Metaphilosophy v 3.1 (partial translation)"

Jan. 19         "Viral tweets "

Dec. 17         "Static vs. dynamic conditions"

Nov. 26         "Duality and dualism"

Nov. 04         "Modern Middle Way"

Oct. 29         "Germany"

Oct. 25         "Enlightenment and tolerance"

Sept. 29       "Twitter is bidirectional - Questionable silencing"

Sept. 12       "Synthetic philosophy - Meaning of experiments"

Sept. 11       "Europe searching balance after Swedish election"

Sept. 06       "Between - the transition from static to dynamic"

August 26    "Morality and ethics"

August 10    "Alternative Philosophy" (new chapters added)

July 28        "Time directed"

July 14        "The Big Issue" (Poem)

June 02      "Gender interaction"

April 26      "Freedom does not keep you grounded"

April 25      "Philosophy of Development (update)"

April 24      "Design Thinking related to Alternative Philosophy"

April 21      "Nature – limited concepts"

April 10      "Movements instead of parties"

April 03      "Learning and competition - Emergence in small steps"

March 27   "Simplified philosophy"

March 22   "Sciences"

March 06   "Multipolar loneliness"

Febr. 28     "Velocity as basic parameter"

Febr.25     "Europe - not just yes or no?"

Febr.20     "Art and nature"

Febr.13     "Yingluck left Japon for Hong Kong"

Jan. 31     "Sexual violence"

Jan. 25     "Unreasonable politics"

Jan. 09     "Morality or Darwinism"

Dec. 20     "Birth control or killing"

Dec. 16     "Polarising Conflicts - Modern Development without Taboos"

Nov. 12     "Body and mind - inseparable - New approach to schizophrenia"

Oct. 29     "ARS-UNA is a cloud"

Oct. 27     "Not myth or compromise"

Oct. 22     "Morality and the Middle Way"

Oct. 20     "Sopenies and prostitutes"

Oct. 11     "Perish or cherish - Meditation about numbers"

Oct. 09     "The secret of very old people - about aging" "

Sept. 27    "Intense life and sleep"

Sept. 17    "Perish or cherish"

Sept. 16    "How to make a love declaration"

Sept. 13    "Depression or anger?"

Sept. 12    "Disease or meaningful path?"

Sept. 10     "Four Taboos"

Aug. 20      "Cognition and processing"

Aug. 10      "Block thinking - decide or choose?"

Aug. 09      "Snap opinions and/or lump sum judgments"  

Updated Mar 24, 2021

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